what's up party people! i'm the gal behind the camera and i'm stoked you found me! i am a fresh graduate from the University of Florida. i studied architecture so i'm definitely a big fan of creating things! since my middle school days, i've spent lots of my free time doing diy's, making my own clothes, and learning lots and lots about video editing. if i really wanted something for myself, i found a way to make it!


i've found myself behind a camera since i was about thirteen, after my dad let me have his Nikon on our family trip to Chicago, and have been running a little youtube channel to capture all my lil memories ever since then. i have a passion for capturing life on film, because i believe we get to live such a beautiful life and have found even more joy in being able to document it all, for myself and others! there is no greater joy to me than being able to create a way for people to relive their real life dreams over & over again. film is such a powerful way to celebrate gratitude and remembrance. 

when i'm not behind a camera, you can find me on wheels, cooking for my friends, chasing the sun, or having a picnic. half of my heart belongs to farmer's markets, the ocean, and talking about anything and everything under the sun at a dinner table. i'm a big big fan of roadtrips and exploring new cultures across the globe. my most recent travel adventure was studying abroad in Northern Italy for my last semester of college! 

: just a lil highlight reel

hey friends, 



So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
- 1 Corinthians 10:31





I view every newly booked client as another opportunity to serve others! I really value fostering a relationship built on trust starting from the very second we meet. I make sure to reach out to you about all the necessities before your big day, so we have the freedom to have the most fun when it comes around! Another thing I always look forward to is interacting with your family on your wedding day, because this day is such a big milestone for you as well as the people you love! 

I want your films to cater to your desires as much as they can, so throughout the entire planning process, I am sure to use my design background and creative knowledge to deliver all of the pure, genuine emotion that was experienced on your wedding day! Throughout every meeting I strive to approach you as my most authentic self as well as getting to know you both as a couple under the same light! This creates space for capturing the richest experiences. 

One of the most important elements of an impactful film all stems from the story it unfolds. My goal is to be able to capture your story in a way that create a lasting impact on you and your family. This is precious, raw footage in your life that should be able to bring you back to that very day.