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this is alexa jewel films.

my goal is to point you towards the beauty so ever-present in you and the world around you

i was created to create.

daughter, storyteller, + friend

based in florida, 
       & will follow you anywhere! 

my heart. 

i started this business wanting to share the magic that i feel when i upload videos on the Youtube channel i started when i was 13. my overall goal behind all of my work is to highlight the beauty present in your mundane and be able to tell it back to you in a way that surfaces memories you will cherish forever. your individual stories are special, and they deserve to be told. 

how i got here + where i'm going...

my origin story

my entire life i thought i wanted to be an architect. so once i graduated from high school in my hometown of Pensacola,  i packed my car and moved my life to the University of Florida ready to start a lifetime of designing & drawing spaces in beautiful places in big cities.


my freshman year, my life completely changed after meeting Jesus and He showed me what i love doing is telling stories about things that are already beautiful rather than building them up from scratch. now, He's lead me all the way to starting this business where i get to celebrate the people + this earth He created! 

where i spend my free time

when at home, you can find me at my sewing machine, behind a new book, trying the newest recipes, or chatting about everything under the sun with a dear friend (on the couch and/or at the dinner table).

any other day, you can catch me in my car (Holly the Honda) seeking a new quiet place or chai latte. 


[my current obsessions are hannahleeduggan, olive oil cakes, and Vincent Van Gogh]


occasionally, i'll attempt to pick up classical piano again or hop on my carver at the skatepark... but these days i've mainly been serving coffee to the locals in my college town. 

what's next for me 

the biggest adventure coming up for me is moving my whole life to Orlando, FL where i get to take part in planting a church through the Salt Network. here, i'll get to serve my central florida brides most presently, all the while sharing His love by leading worship and sharing the good news of the gospel!

the best place to learn more about me is my personal youtube & insta. 

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watch my adventures up close: 

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