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filmmaker + portrait photographer based in florida. 


nostalgic + dreamy films, authentic to you.

your life, a movie.

I'm your Videographer!

I'm really just here to capture the magic already 

made by you! The end goal behind all of my films 

is to make you feel like you're reliving your special 

day without even realizing I was there. 


my job? to romanticize your life! 

the level of beauty behind your memories runs deeper than you realize and i want to be a part of helping you discover that. 
"why should i hire a videographer if i'm already investing in photos? 

Imagine getting to physically replay your wedding day over and over and over again...  


 A wedding film may just seem like a simple montage of clips and audio, but to you and all involved, it will hold memories and feelings only the both of you will truly appreciate the full meaning of. You don't want to miss out on having what you saw, felt, & cried about documented for you and your family forever.


(imagine what your possible kids may feel about it all one day too!)


It's Alexa Jewel here! 


set up a meeting with me:


let's chat!

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